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    Name:Joe<br />
    Likes:cheese and bacon...and cheerios.<br />
    Doesn't like:stuckup ppl,green foods,and yellow snow<br />
    Owner:alexis(meeh!)<br />
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    HHHHHeeeeeyyyy!its me!and like you any normal person can tell from my name...I LUVZ STARZ.so yah if u noe me at all ud noe that.so i noe my profile is all rainbowyish but i promise yu all im not lesbo.i have the most amazing friends in the world.number one wuld be my *sister* macaela.shes so awesome and i love her just the way she is...which is goth.im not all about goths so here comes number two.rylee!!man i fricken love rylee.shes my little peace sign lover.we lke the same kinda music...same kinda dudes...hate the same teachers.we had all 6 classes together last year.hahaha.yah 6.three is vanessa t.shes my little beaner lover.shes lke in love with beanersbut shes cool and funy.we been through alot together.four wuld be um...ashley.ashley is cool.i lke her bcuz shes the only one who seems to care wen somethings wrong with me.shes the only one who will be lke wats rong.not that i want ppl to suck up to me,but its nice to noe someone cares.and fifth wuld be lorelei.she has so much fricken energy!!!which is good but man.i love her...shes always happy and smiling,laughing.shes my romodel of how i wish i was.i LOVE skaters.they r hot so if ur a skater...ur hot.unless u have short hair then u killed it.i love guys with long hair...black especially.brown,blonde.anycolor just long...highlights are hot too.so yah im obsessed with skaters,im not ashamed smile so a little bit about me...ummm.well im very random,well most pplz seem to think so.im lyk in love with spongebob.i have a weird obsession with cheeze and bacon.(yah im a HUGE CHEEZE FREAK)anyways my favorite color wuld have to be purple.with red as a strong second,i used to like green but nah...my best friends are rylee(avrilavigne2)and micaela(spelling to username unknown biggrin )i guess yu could say im not like normal girls ina way...like i dnt wear skirts or dresses...AT ALL.im not obsessed with the mall,or my hair,or other things girls worry about.not into gossip smile so yah...besides that...um..oh yah i got a turtle.her names vanessa.i had a fish and a frog...but unfortunately they died.(R.I.P. SAMMY AND ZUCKO...)and lke yu can also tell from my profile...im into music.i still dont have all the lyrics i want on there but illl get to it.i love music its lke a whole other world of different genres and words...meanings insight..anyways im talking too much so bye!!
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