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  • Artist Info: Some want Riches, some want Love, I say........is it too much to ask for both? Here are my Goals, I want to be a Video game designer, not sure if thats the correct name for it... but lets be straight forward. I also want to be a Photographer, a web designer, and i want to run my own skate shop. Some would say you cant do ALL of these things, but why not? Now lets take a look at my Accomplishments. Wow, this is where YOU think..... "Probably None haha!", well GUESS what.... Your right. Ok well mabye i shouldnt be so hard on myself, I have won a few stuffed animals in my day...so HA.<br />
    <br />
    Im a layed back guy in some situations. In others, I party.........HARD. Some say im weird, others say im funny, i guess i just have a EXTREMELY odd sense of humor. But its not all fun and games, sometimes i have to stay serious, because i seem to attract a lot of little kids the other way, Damnit. <br />
    <br />
    I want to explore the world, go places. I know that would seem like a unrealistic goal for an average guy like me, but hell, im gonna do whatever it takes to get there. But I dont want to do this alone, I want to meet a girl, someone like me, who wants to see the world, then perhaps after all that adventure, ill settle down and have a family. Then we can tell our kids all about our life of adventure.<br />
    <br />
    So thats me, I sure as hell am not like most of the immature kids on here, calling everyone "noobs", I mean come on, thats not COOL, thats GAY, and IMMATURE, and it sure as hell aint gonna make you popular, the only reason why you have alot of other friends like that, is because there are SO MANY of you, so dont give me all that bull, or ill just ignore you. GET A LIFE, be like me, dont spend all day on the computer, going on chat rooms and trying to start a bunch of shit with people just because you can, get out there, meet REAL people instead of coming on here and going " your hot, wanna be my girl?!" even though theyre probably half way across the country, and they most likely have nothing in common with you.<br />
    <br />
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