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  • Artist Info: Greetings, salutations, etc. etc. This is the girl behind Ciel Phantomhive [yes, girl]. My name is Symone, which happens to be just an alias. I only tell people I can trust with my true identity whether that name has some significance or not -- as well as my real name.<br />
    I'm age blah blah blah, location is I don't care, and occupation is nunya. I draw and I write, I read all the time, and I curse quite a bit when I get going. Once I start ranting, I can't stop and I'm homosexual and single though none of you deserve me. <br />
    I'm asthmatic, and frequently have to use a short burst from my inhaler from laughing, running, crying, etc. I can be very emotional and I am also quite squeamish.<br />
    I'm quite arrogant and snotty at times, others I'm just plain bipolar. I live on Nickleback, Chris Daughtry, Good Charlotte, Savage Garden, etc. I don't give a flying somethingIshouldnotsayinpublic whether or not you like my choice of music. If you feel like you must rant about it, you will meet the inside of my Ignore list.<br />
    If you're reading this then that means you've stalked my profile.. essentially, it's going to stay this way for a while until I feel like changing it. So if you feel like you must rant about Sora and Kairi and Kingdom Hearts, once again, Le Ignore Listu.<br />
    If you happen across me in Towns, MTV, Rally [though rarely the third] you either address me as Ciel, Hakshaku, Mr. Phantomhive, etc. Bocchan is reserved for Sebastian only [hello, Aku!] and Symone reserved for only certain people who know who they are.<br />
    There, that's that. All there is to it. There can be tons more but I don't feel like typing it out. Thanks and goodbye.
    <br />
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