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  • Artist Info: sitting here & saying am finally done with this hose`s nonsense . <br />
    forgot I have ta do a hack ... she lame . thank god I made her and her profile much better right ? aha thank you , please stop the applause . so anyway let me get to tha point .ma name , you should already know aha . am vicy but you might see me spell it like ( veeceh ) it`s cute like tha right ? yeahh .<br />
    um when did I meet kendra ? prolly late august I assume ? not sure but somewhere last year fo `sho thoo . since we met we had this crazy as hell relationship . not gay or bi , no crap like that but ya know what am saying ? & from since we been soooooooo close . only ONCE we had this kinda mini fight `cause she was always mean to ma bf and that made me mad as hell hahaha . so I told her eitha talk to him or loose me . what was I thinking ? she actually became best firends with tha dude yO .. -&& now am pissed and regret doing that `cause I get jealous of them . ahahahaha ! but whatever , he dumped me and I moved on so forget all that . up to this minute I regret it ! dang man , ha Kendra you hose . soo pretty much Kendra is NOT your average girl . this trick is random and she sucks ma weenie every night . good ol` times eh ? just so yall know I OWN HER . no if , ands or but . ask her yo .. no joke I should put a big sign on her saying VICY OWNS . & sighh she owns me too lols .we have an unbrakeable friendship & NOTHING . let me say once more , NOT A DAMN THING is gonna brake tha wifelet bond we have . yeahh she married ta me ! (; nhm . she left chass HA ! left ha butt fo me . GET A LIFE CHASS ! lmfaoo . ily chass . um , one thing too , do not mess with Kendra man ... I swear you making a big mistake . ohh she all real too , SIKE she a big fake . hahaha ! (; she rl fareel .oh and tha reason I have up no picture of me is `cause AM TOO PRETTY FOR YA EYES ! lols jokin` I don`t have any pictures ta put up , plus am never on gaia ! >__> lame .. anyway I think am gonna be done right about now `cause I gotta go plan some crazy -ish . plus she keeps txting me right now uhh ! lol keep making me stop . all am saying is ,<br />
    i love you Kendra ! -&& thas foever hose .
    <br />
    julyO6th2O1O .<br />
    / 7:4Opm .
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