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  • Artist Info: Hello, I am Kurapika. As you can tell, I am a Kurapika cosplayer (in Gaia and in real life) and I of course like Hunter x Hunter. I know my cosplay is unusual, so please don't get mad at me for it D: (I know a few people that have...) I should warn you that I am extremely random, so I might have a really weird avatar every once and a while and I will probably freak you out. I am also shy, so if I am not being random I am most likely being shy. I'm trying to be less shy though and more social and I'm also trying make friends, I just recently lost almost all of my friends crying I'm also somewhat annoying and I'm sorry if I annoy you. I'm nice, but I may appear to be mean sometimes and I'm sorry if I am, but sometimes it's just like a reflex I need to just get used to being around people again. I sometimes like to give people nicknames, so if I give you a nickname I'm not trying to insult you I just think giving nicknames is fun. I don't usually go in towns, but that's mainly because I haven't had very good experience on Gaia. I like to draw, I also like to do archery and a few other things. I'm in Karate, and I'm still a white belt D: <br />
    And please do not send me chain letters, otherwise I will send the needed amount to you and to you only and if you send me a PM I would rather it be at least a sentence long.<br />
    Don't bother asking for my real name, for I shall not tell you ( mainly because it's embarrassing sweatdrop ) <br />
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