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  • Artist Info: My names Amanda Barber. I live in Washington (no not DC the real thing) on a secluded island. <br />
    I am enlisting in the airforce and i am a junior. (UPPERCLASSMAN!!!) I love music, i like to read and write and im a sucker for fanfiction. <br />
    I used to love Dr.Pepper, but i stopped drinking soda. sad oh well. ITS BAD FOR YOU!!! anyway, <br />
    I love my boyfriend. <3 <br />
    Im pretty weird and hyper. <br />
    I like to go places and actually DO things. I think alot, "What would you do if this was your last day?" I dont want every day to blur together, like it used to.<br />
    I want every day to be unique and special. I want to live in it. razz I know, intense right? and weird. like i said.<br />
    no, not weird. different. yey different!<br />
    sometimes i have a lot to say, and sometimes i just listen. <br />
    I mean, theres alot about me i could say, but i doubt it could all fit on here. I mean if you really wanted to know me, why read "about me"? why not ask a question? ugh people these days. ^_^<br />
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