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    Well here's a little bit about my personality I guess. I'm very out going. Once my eyes are on something I don't stop until I get it. I never know when to give up. If you try to knock me down your wasting your time, I'll just get right back up. I'll stand by your side no matter what happends as long as you don't keep pushing me away. I 'll be there for you thick and thin rough and light.I will let you push me away, i will be back at your side in no time. I will only let you push me away so many time though, once you've pushed it I'll let myself be pushed away, don't think that I'll come back after time 'cause I'm not walking back into your life once I've walked out. I believe that no girl is ugly. Yes, I truly honestly believe that. I may come on like I'm a bit werid,a sick minded person and/or a player/flirt, but I assure you that is just my mood I am not normaly like that. I was raised to have a lot of respect for everyone. Everyone is equal in my books. I don't care about the colour of your skin,culture,sexuality or past. I always put the past behind me and if you know my past I much rather you leave it there and not bring it up. My friends and family are my world. I try to be helpful when ever I possibly can. I'm friendly unless you catch me on a very rare bad day. I want to thank whoever is still reading this. If you really want to get to know me though please feel free to comment or PM me. ^^<br />
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    Imbued with the power of darkness, you control the night. This isn't a bad thing, though -- in no way does this label you as "evil". Rather, you have been put through much agony while young, so now you've grown numb to the outside world, and you live within your imagination.<br />
    Positives: Loyal, fiercely protective -- you posess a beauty not many others can see. You understand what others are too afraid to, and you're likely an artist of some sort -- or, you at least appreciate art in all its forms.<br />
    Negatives: Distrusting, distant, misunderstood -- not many get to see through your icey, scarred exterior to know the real you.
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