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    Hey Cupcake (:<br />
    My Name Is Hannah;I Dont Give a Eff If You Remeber It;<br />
    We Can Be tight Like A Fat Dude in Skinny jeans (:<br />
    Ima Little Kid Stuck In a Big Kid Body <br />
    Im A Weirdo;Yes i Know So Dont Judge Me <br />
    Im a kind Person;But I Can Be Evil<br />
    I love My Family,and Freinds i Do any Thing For them.<br />
    Im A Fruit loop in A World Of cheerios<br />
    Ima Lazy Muther Effer! <br />
    I hate School <br />
    All i Want Is To Be Loved (: <br />
    I have A Dream To a sycholoight <br />
    Ima Lover Not a Fighter <br />
    Most of the times i follow The Rules. <br />
    I live For Today not thinking what will happen Tommorow! <br />
    Im Random;Funny;And Crazy <br />
    Ima Aries Wich is A Ram ; <br />
    Popin Bottles March,21 <br />
    I love My Hater Cuz There My Biggest Fans (: <br />
    i Believe 2012 is not gonna kill us <br />
    When im in Love i Fall Hard! <br />
    Dont like me After Readin This Thing Then FuCk off . <br />
    Peace,Love And Happyness (: <br />
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