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    <br />
    Hello, My name is Kimi. (:<br />
    I'm 14, A freshman, and A total Dork. <br />
    I'm addicted to Cookies, but not in the sense of eating them. I'm addicted to their Orgasmic Name. <br />
    I'm 100% Straight, Trust me. I may say things that will Make you think otherwise. But that's just my unique Sweetness. <3<br />
    I'm crazy In love with my Cookie Monster. ♥ [Lucas]<br />
    He may live hundreds of miles away, But I believe everything He says. Nothing Can change that so don't even try to tell me. Because I won't believe you.<br />
    I'm an Emotional Freak. I get upset at the smallest things. So, Beware.<br />
    I'm pretty picky when it comes to friends, I have tons at school, but i truely only like 3 of them.<br />
    If you're going to talk to me first be under the age of 18. I don't want no pedofile trying to talk to me. <br />
    Don't begin the conversation by saying 'What's up?' because first of all Where the heck did my 'Hi' Go? And second of all Saying 'What's up?' is so Last year. <br />
    If Our conversation consist of a lot of 'Yeah' 'Yep' 'Ok' & 'Mhm's' Then that's a hint of YOUR BORING.<br />
    I'm Emo, Random, Insane, and a Freak. Be Jealous! (:<br />
    I'm Short. Only 5'0" &Most likely staying this Height forever. <br />
    I have Blue eyes, And A really weird nose. Trust me people call me Bunny Slope Because of it. ):<br />
    Music is Ahmazing. <3 Owl City is the Best. <br />
    I HATE LIARS! </3 Liars can go die in small little cramped holes because once you lie your dead to me. [Haha. You lie you die. xD] <br />
    I UGLY; and Know it. I see myself everyday I know how I look, and I look scarey. I of course Wish I was pretty, But the wishing doesn't really help very well unfortunately. <br />
    Don't be my friend one day, Then totally Ignore me the next. That's just RUDE. <br />
    I'm in a bad mood a lot for some reason. , and you can usually tell. If i don't talk much or get mad at everything. Then I'm already pissed off. <br />
    I hate when sat Hi then right after that I love you. WTF? NO! IF YOU REALLY FREAKING LOVE ME THEN TELL ME WHAT MY NAME IS.......EXACTLY. <br />
    Don't ask my what my religion is Because I swear I'll tell you exactly what I tell everyone else. I'm a Unicorn my religion is Unicornist and I'm from Uranus. <br />
    I believe I'm strong. I can lift130 lbs and that's 100 more then my Friends, so FEAR ME!<br />
    I'm not afriad to hit a guy, If they make me mad. I've done it before. Especially to Bill and Zach. <br />
    I love to write, and I love Photography. <3<br />
    I'm NOT Single. I'm in a Relationship With Lucas Valentine. <3 He's Ahmazing, Sexy (: Sweet, Funny, Perfect, Awesome, The Best......&My Cookie Monster. <br />
    Yeah, well I think That's enough About me. (:<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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