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    I'm Mariah annd I am a difficult person to understand typiccally, so I'm going to lay some stff out before you attempt to try.<br />
    First of all, if you expect me to talk to you alot and become your like...BFFELEEL and all that... you have to either, start the conversation yourself or give me good reasons to trust you.Second, I friikin' LOVE music, and if you start telling me otherwise, we have an issue. Third, tell me what to do or how to live, I'll personally tell your ass off.And finally fourth on this queer little list, I do have my own oppinions let me state them and I'll let you state yours, my opinion on America has kinda gone down seeing how little respect there is (trust me I'm guilty no hypocracy here) and the mass supply of idiots who have no clue on how much they impact there lives with some dumb mistakes.<br />
    I like to curse when I'm mad or just to use it.I'm agonistic because jesus seems unreal. To the people who don't like it, bitemebitch.
    <br />
    hoped you liked it hoes.<br />
    Comment me!<br />
    Add Me~<br />
    Secrets?<br />
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