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    Lets get the facts straight<br />
    Her name is Casey.<br />
    She lives in ohh-ohh-bee.<br />
    She goes to ohh-ohh-bee high.<br />
    As a senior baby!. surprised <br />
    She does what she wants.<br />
    Doesn't let silly rumors bother her.<br />
    She is very out-going.<br />
    Also very different.<br />
    Her favorite animals are penguin's and pigs.<br />
    She also loves Dinosaurs.<br />
    She can be random at times.<br />
    She has the best of friends.<br />
    She would die without her friends.<br />
    She doesn't care what people think,<br />
    Only what she thinks.<br />
    She is a Taurus. <br />
    She is
    TAKEN. &lt;3<br />
    She is Dating a lovely boy named Ryan. &lt;3<br />
    They have been dating since December 5th, 2011<br />
    She wants to focus on icky school.<br />
    She is very Spontaneous.<br />
    She sometimes makes weird face's while thinking.<br />
    She's just that cool. :]<br />
    Loves to make art.<br />
    Her art-work is pretty un-believable sometimes.<br />
    Lovess reading new books.<br />
    If they are intresting she will get hooked.<br />
    Mainly into fiction books.<br />
    She likes to talk.<br />
    So PM her.
    Peace.<br />
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