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  • Artist Info: On a day that no one knew would someday be a holiday celebrated around the world, a girl was born to an otherwise-ordinary couple in Western New York. Little did they know their squalling little darling would someday acheive her quest for world domination with nothing more than an orange peel, a striped sock, and some dryer lint (top that, MacGuyver!). This future world dictatoress grew up poor in all but love. *cue sappy violins* She was loathed and harassed by her peers who were jealous of her intelligence and wit, sparking her desire to control the world so she could make them pay. After graduating from high school, she went forth to make her plans for world domination a reality. Everyone (quite rightly) thought she was a bleeding loony. What did the veterinary sciences, zoology, and English history have to do with running a planet? they wondered. Soon, they found out. With the help of Sam and Maya, her telepathic feline advisors and Captain Jack, an annoyingly loud lovebird, a new name for terror emerged: TZA. Fangirls everywhere screamed in horror, Orlando Bloom cheered, and the peasants, well, they rejoiced. Sporkers of badfic everywhere threw huge celebration parties and showered both herself and Meir Brin for the development of Bleeprin, the greatest boon to the fanfic community since the spork.<br />
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    When she's not busy flogging her enemies with wet noodles and eating chocolate, TZA tries to find a paying job and works evenings as an agent at the PPC in the Labyrinth Reponse Centre and occasionally helps out the Phantom of the Opera and Doctor Who Response Centres.<br />
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    As an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings', she'll regularly debate such things as if balrogs wear slippers and if Riders of the Mark have anything on underneath those leggings. On the days she forgets to take her medication, you'll find her lurking about Rohl Dahl Plass in Cardiff, muttering about Jack Harkness and asking him to dance.<br />
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    In the Real World, she's working on turning several short stories she's written into a novel, as well as compiling a reference book for zookeepers.
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