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  • Artist Info: hi mii name is....well really its nun of ur freakin business......but it is logan.....and i am 13 years old i have a gf here in gaia her name is tennesseegirl_2_cute_4_u AND SHE IS FINE!if u freakin fuck with her i will jack ur ass up got it?well that all ur gonna get out of me u pervs wanna be a freak and know more pm me or comment me ok?!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!<br />
    <br />
    if a hug leads to a kiss <br />
    and a kiss leads to a makeout<br />
    and a makeout leads to sex<br />
    would u hug me?<br />
    i know u would!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    if sum1 calls u a bitch tell them this:<br />
    did u just call me a bitch well...<br />
    a bitch is a female dog<br />
    dogs bark<br />
    bark is on trees<br />
    and trees r on the beautiful earth soo...<br />
    yeah thanks for callin me a bitch!
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