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    <br />
    Name: Rei Takeda<br />
    Name By Birth: Regan Bristow. Rei was inaptly named after Prince Leer's daughter.<br />
    Age: 12*<br />
    Rei does not age.<br />
    Special Abilities: Rei's blood has healing powers due to a curse she was born with. Her blood will not dry or evaporate. Her blood may be used to heal topically, though if consumed, it becomes a deadly poison unless the drinker is a greater demon/being with the tolerance to carry the blood. If this is the case, the blood infects the host, giving said host a great power advance and the possibility of living forever-- or the possibility of insanity and the fate of becoming a tree.<br />
    Personality: Rei is a hyper little girl who delights in showing her affection by any means possible. More often than not, this involves teasing, touching, or generally annoying the people around her. Given her past history, she does not fully understand how to appropriately express admiration, affection, or any pleasant emotions.<br />
    _____________________<br />
    Some Notes<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I used to have a lot of information about Boffii (Rei) up here. I realize now that 4(+/-) people read through the information. If you want to know about Rei? Ask me. She has a LONG story. I really don't like godmoding and/or any other douchery. I really don't like sleizoids who can't randomly play, say hello, or be nice at all. Niceness is good. If you see someone not being nice? Please tell them to stop. Grow a spine and stand up to these people. I have free hugs for you! I may be persuaided to draw avitar art for you. I accept art trades or items for art. Yes, I changed Rei again. I'm going back to the way she was before my whole world caved in. New arts coming soon. Stay tuned, yo!<br />
    P.S. ILU Rudobear!
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