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  • Artist Info: My name is Leilani 3nodding <br />
    meh fav color is green mrgreen <br />
    i love my friends heart <br />
    i hate pink xp <br />
    im evil twisted <br />
    im bored most of teh time blaugh <br />
    i looooove to draw! and i kno i'm nt good so leave me alone stare <br />
    i loooove to read whee <br />
    i miss my bird Angel cry <br />
    i loooooooove paramore biggrin <br />
    i'm an undercover ninja ninja <br />
    meh fav animal ish turtles rofl <br />
    i looooove technoooo smile <br />
    anythin else yu wanna kno pm me 4laugh <br />
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