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    I have magical powers, and soon will be able to read your characteristics and traits, through palmistry (well, if palmistry works, I don't know enough about it to decide if I believe it works or not). I'm a magical creature, I really enjoy learning more about magical spells, once learn enough about that subject, I may put together my OWN home-made spells, but first I need to learn more about the subject. I'm very curious about many, many things, I seem to want to know everything, about the events that have occurred in this world, well almost everything. Well, anyway so far the pictures on my profile were not made by me, so far, anyway. I like consuming tea. Tea tastes yummy. Sometimes I enjoy talking sometimes I despise talking. At times I am really nice. There are times I treat people so well, the person thinks I'll treat everyone with wonderful treatment. Sometimes, if you do something to upset me enough, I may barely ever be nice to you, and constantly insult you, when you are not around, or right to your face! People have the ability to get along good with me, if they don't be rude to me. I like gazing at nature. I like staring into lakes and gazing at the reflection of the pretty nature within the lake. Sometimes I can spend hours watching movie after movie on lifetime. At some moments though, I am pacing so much. Sometimes I stare up at the sky while rain descends from the clouds, and wonder if they're are beings above the clouds, that somehow make the scientific cycle of rain descending from the clouds, by crying. Well, anyway, I'll update this more, later. <br />
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