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  • Artist Info: my name is jonathan ortiz i live in non of your bisnis in beutifull not telling you . i would describe my self as a happy person but dount get on my nerves or els i wont be so happy,and as a smart person but i always act stupid. i hate it when people tell me to shut up but i admit i talk alot. i like playing vidio games altho im not the best at them and i say dammit to much while playing. i like to watch movies but hate romance movies. i like to hate people somtimes but then i forget about it and move on. i like rock and rap and any other music i like wich is agen non of your bunis. a am a vilont person but get along with others prity well too.and i like to draw but i always end up drawing weard stuff like monsters and demons an i also like to read. my faveret book is the demonata seres wich is fucking awsom and my faveret movie is spawn<br />
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