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    Art done by Amazing rinyuu-senpai emotion_bigheart <br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    I am Ayumu_Meu~<br />
    You can Ayu for short,since that's my nickname most of the name.<br />
    real nickname is Daisy (parents named me after a flower) <br />
    I was born and raised in Paris, but my parents are pure filipino/filipino.<br />
    and parents decided to move back in PH, because they miss filipino food and culture itself haha. <br />
    I am literature student and a college student. <br />
    Native Language is Francais, Tagalog (HOW TO SPEAK IT) emotion_0A0 <br />
    Don't be confuse of my avatar, i have like unisex items in my invo,decided to be male instead. cuz i am not really girly xD
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