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  • Artist Info: Name: Razie Angel<br />
    Age: 18<br />
    Grade: 12th SENIOR!!!!<br />
    School: Somewhere in the U.S<br />
    Currently Living: Middle of U.S somewhere<br />
    Hair: Black<br />
    Eyes: Dark Brown<br />
    Height: 5'0"<br />
    Weight: No Idea<br />
    Town: No where, united states<br />
    Ethnicity: Asian<br />
    Relationship status: In a relationship! (In love)<br />
    Best Friend: Exactly, why do people have best friends?????<br />
    Best Guy Friend: Damn, that's a little complicated to answer.<br />
    Favorite Beverage: Strawberry smoothie/ Blue Raspberry Slushy<br />
    Favorite Food: Anything Chocolate(except dark chocolate)<br />
    <br />
    Looking forward into life after I earn my High School diploma. College may be a possible option overseas where I can study for a much cheaper price and get educated like every High School graduate who decides they actually want a life. Friends and family always matter to me most. My policy: Hurt anyone I love dearly, and you will experience pain on a way that you think you were in hell. Take it literally because it's 100% truth. I love going to football games and basketball games with my friends and hanging out after school. Contact me if you wish to now more. ~Peace, Love, and Hope~
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