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    Omfg......Look,its Kat's profile O.o<br />
    <br />
    Hello???Im Kat...Atleast just call me that even though my real name is Lisa xDDD Im a Senor(I cant spell aparently) on gaia...but dont go all bitchy about it and call me 'gramps' or sumin' D< I love RPs,Don't you ?If you have one send it to me,and ill see if I will join ^^ Im 12 people,get ova it D< I like cheese,huh.>.> And noodles...And,stuff...I suck at this about me stuffz >.<<br />
    So,anyway,Im usually in rally,or towns,or something like that.You probably wont see me very many places unless I am secretly stalked by someone idk O.e Im irish people(and american,of course,and other things xD)Im not one of the greadest people around,but,hopefully,you'll get used to me ;3 Bye,bye gaians~Enjoy my pro!!!^^
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