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  • Artist Info: Blah, blah, blah... God, I'm gonna be so conceited in this thing. Well, it is about me, so I guess it's not too terrible. Yeah, if you're still reading this, good job! You only have to suffer through the rest of this, and we'll be fine. I think you're in for it though, 'cause I like writing, and I love talking about myself ^-^ <br />
    First of all, that avatar looks nothing like me. Heheh, I wish. In reality, I have freaking awesome hair thats blonde and stuff. I'm 16, and I love dancing to music nobody hears (I'm obsessed with my iPod!) and singing along to lyrics no one knows. I love reading with a passion, and I don't mind if that makes me dorky or not. I like hanging out with people, 'cause I love talking. But really, there's very few people I can chill with for hours and still be interested in what we were doing in the first place.<br />
    I love all kinds of music: everything from Britney Spears, to Brokencyde, to Bullet For My Valentine, I love music. And yes, it's lame ass music. But mostly I love screamo and hardcore 'cause I'm a typical little don't-label-me girl. If you're still reading this, congrats again, haha.<br />
    I can count all the people I love unconditionally on one hand.<br />
    These people include my best friend Wayne, my older sister Jen, my cousin Jared, John, my friend Malachi, Kendall, and.. um. Well, I'm picky when it comes to people I love, okay? The rest of my family is kinda thrown in there 'cause of course I love 'em too.<br />
    Okay, we're done. Hurray! =]
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