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  • Artist Info: I was genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier,my only flaw was not having a left arm so I was fitted with a cyberarm with retractable blades. The scientists working on the arm referred to me as "the 'left arm' with the body attached" and so the name stuck. Then I learned the truth about why they made me, and now I am their greatest liability.<br />
    <br />
    I became one of many soldiers in an army meant to take over the world for the 7th Moon. Then, after eighteen years of preparation, I went on my first mission with Kichiku, the closest thing I had to what I could call a brother, and we destroyed a village. We saw hundreds die, and then we saw Douji, a little boy, only three years old, the sole survivor of the massacre, and everything changed. Kichiku helped Douji escape and I went back home known as a traitor for letting him get away. Eventually I escaped with a cat girl named Keisei and by a twist of fate, we all ended up at a Shinto Shrine. Keisei and I fell in love and we lived in peace there, until a team came to eliminate us. Now we must fight for our lives and stop 7th Moon once and for all.
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