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  • Artist Info: Ok so im suppost to say a little about me. Huh... where to start... well first off im just another girl who loves her family and friends. I would die for them if i had to. I love my pets. Right now i have two huge dogs. They are both really old though. Which makes me sad. :'(. Im still in school and my favorite subject(s) in school is english and math. I have always liked english mostly cause i know that you can express yourself in many ways through english. And being me means to express your feelings and all that you think. Math i have no idea why i like it. Almost all of my life i aced that class and just this year it like jumped up the list of favorite subjects into second place. Weird i know. Im in some ways goth but in others im just a fun loving free girl. It depends on the day. XD. Im into art. I actually have won stuff for my art. and in the forms i have a thing where i will draw your avi and make it more in a amime form instead of a cartoon kinda thing. im bad at explaining things. haha. umm music is again what ever the day blows in. some days its rock otherrs its something else. Im working on a book sort of i have written 5 chapters so far. 4 of them are in the fiction writing arena. the other i havent put in there yet. Im working on the 6th chapter now and have hit a block. XP. it sucks man. lol. Oh ya and im like an over obsessive fan of everything twilight. i stayed up till midnight the night the movie came out and i have 3 shirts, 20 poster items, 4 braclets, and a pair of dog tags. You could say im crazy but don't say it to my face or ill send the flying monkeys after you. O_o. well thats all i have to say about me. If you like what you hear pm me. if not dont wast my time. <br />
    ~bye bye~
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