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  • Artist Info: I am really mean and horrible to everyone when i am angry. Way worse than Lill and her eyes Actually turn red when she is pee'd off. XD G.D.A FOREVA!!!!!! Muhahahaha!!!!! You'll never catch me coppers!! DOWN WITH THE CLOWNS BUT UP WITH THE CLOWN CARS!!!! SUSHI SUSHI YAOI YAOI!!! Shirube Hanone out!! *gets carted off to insane asylum*<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Finkles: *shakes head* I warned you.......<br />
    Lill: You are just as bad as she is.<br />
    Finkles: At least i am a closet weirdo.<br />
    Daisy: Yeah, Because absolutley no-one knows you are crazy.<br />
    Finkles: Exactly.<br />
    Tea: You are hopeless.<br />
    Finkles: Probably. ^.^<br />
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