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  • Artist Info: i am one out of three in a human body. I am a vampire, a liken and a human but we fight most of the time and then we can agrey with each other when it to comes to our taste in men or food, since i am the vampire and my vampire friends call me Sikrose. my liken name is Blackvilet, and my human name is stacey. but we have to live by the human ruls which suks but we have to do it. I am braking the lay by telling u this but I don't care one bit about it. I like giting into truble with my kind just like the other two that is how we have fun. at night I am out, the liken is out in the mornings, and the human is out until dark. my age is 5000 years old, the liken is 260, and the human is 19.<br />
    My favorite food is CHOCOLATE, pizza, and chines food. I spend all my nights in a dark room wondering my mind until someone desterbs me in my train of thought and then I have to lesson to music just to get back into my train of thought again.<br />
    I enjoy reading books when I'm alone or righting plays about what can happen in the fucher and in the past. I right about vampires, witches, likens, elves, and many other crechers. I'm looking for someone that will look at me with out being afraid of me. I will freely tell you all that I am a vampire but I don't drink human blood but once and a wile I will only when it is necessary. Blood gives me a headache every time I drink it. The only Blood I can stand is Freshly killed animal blood . well if u have any questions just ask and I will be happy to tell u. well that is all that I need to say.<br />
    if u have any problems in life just call me on Saturday at 10:30 am to 2:00 pm my time which I live in colorado, i will give u my number if u ask me nicely. bye
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