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    <br />
    It's been a while since I've updated this, so I'm going to do it now.<br />
    <br />
    I have to say, first off, that a lot has changed since I joined almost three years ago. There was no chat bar (that I can remember and if there was one it was to glitchy for me to remember.) The items, they were okay, but not as more advanced as they are now. And I have to say, I get more gold, as a weekly income, then I have ever got in my life.<br />
    The friends that I have now are most likely the bestest friends I have ever had in my life. More friends.. than I have ever had in my life, and I have to thank them for my survival to begin with because without them I would have gone and killed myself a long time ago. ( even though a lot of them are younger [or older] than I am ) <br />
    I am 22, 5' 4" an have an athletic build. Do not ask where I live or to have a picture of me, those are something I only give my closest friends, and those friends I have seen in person and know I can trust. I have naturally brown hair which is now died black with dark red tips. My eyes are blue but I hope at some point I can get contacts that will turn them silver. ( = w = ) I have glasses (shooting for the awesome chic with the glasses look, not really.. ) and have many passions. Want a list? Here they are:<br />
    - Drawing<br />
    - Singing<br />
    - Dancing<br />
    - Writing<br />
    - Rping<br />
    - Archery<br />
    - Playing intraments<br />
    - Music in general<br />
    - Soccer<br />
    - Martial arts (Kung Fu, Tai Kwan Do, Kendo)<br />
    - Tennis<br />
    - Swiming<br />
    - Hiking<br />
    - Going out and working in my local gym<br />
    - Scuplting<br />
    - Skateboarding<br />
    - Biking<br />
    - Reading<br />
    - School (in college and lovin' it, I know I'm crazy)<br />
    <br />
    There are a few things I should tell you right now that bug the hell out of me. One, mostly everyone can speak english. If you can't I understand, I might even find you really really cool for just that reason. ( I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE CAN SPEAK OTHER LANGUAGES!!! ) But if you are fluid in eglish and that's your main language... I expect you to speak it right. No "Yo Nigga wat's up, homie," shit. or "h0w ar3 jew, r34lly? ThAt5 s0 c00l!" Or some other shit that I wont be able to understand. Use your mind, use proper grammer, or dont talk to me at all.<br />
    <br />
    Oh, and I dont randomly give out stuff. I will give out money (grands at a time.. 2,000- 200,000 gold), and ,items (all the way up to Death Whisper) but I will not give them up randomly.
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