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  • Artist Info: writing these things annoy me, D: too much effort but whatever:<br />
    Well seeing as I'm gonna try to come back to Gaia for the summer I thought I might as well update this thing...;<br />
    Username: Death the k1d (T<br />
    rue story), but call me whatever u please I don't really mind much, I like:<br />
    Food,sleep,friends. Enough said...but if u MUST know:<br />
    I'm gonna be a senior in high school once school starts back up, I play on the tennis team (mostly cause my parents forced me to since my brother does too) but also like soccer and basketball.... Uhhhh... Here's some random info:<br />
    Music- I love ALL music, recently hit 8k songs on iTunes too biggrin , and no I'm not ashamed to say I got Call Me Maybe on there...<br />
    Food- is it possible to dislike any food? It fills that sensation created by hell itself, you know, hunger...so ya...all food is good<br />
    Tv- movies, sitcoms,anime, whatever, it's all cool. Planning on becoming some sort of media major in college so I gotta like it all<br />
    Hobbies- everything? I just do stuff, sports, hang out, all that generic crap.<br />
    Befriend me if u feel, see what happens surprised <br />
    Well that's all I got to say about that...<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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