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  • Artist Info: HEy! I am gReen DraGon ChiLd, the son of a dragon king but born of a human. Don't ask me how it works, but hey, here's the result, a human-dragon prince! Although my father doesn't claim me, I love all the dragons under his rule, which is basically every dragon in the world, except for the ones in hiding, trying to keep to themselves and not attract attention. By the way, if one of the ones in hiding is sleeping, do NOT for any reason wake him up . . . I found that one out the hard way . . .<br />
    Anyhow, I was raised human until I was twelve, and since then I have spent my time flying (yes, flying!) with dragons of all kinds, learning their culture and such. I've joined Gaia to spread my knowledge about them, but only in my journal . . . check it out!
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