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      Who am I? That single unutterable thought that plagues the human soul. That single, undefinable conundrum, that is answered in a thousand different possible combinations, all pointing to one single unsolvable conclusion. That no one can really know who they are. The human will is so vastly complex, that pinning down every single fluctuation of mood, every last whim and desire into a single, defined, explicit notion of who I really am is an achievement only realized in the culmination of a lifetime. It is my aim here to try to realize that aim. To fulfill that purpose. To establish who I am, amidst the turmoil, the placidity, the melancholy, and the bucolic tempest that is my quotidian existence. My name is Patrick. Let's be friends. biggrin <br />
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      Stupid easter event won't give me mah bunneh... -__-
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