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    Hello my name is Angelica and well i dont really know how to write explain myself so i guess i'll just write somethings and hopefully you'll get a better understanding of me okay, well let me begin. Well I Love Japan and one day im hoping of going there, I never really wished to be born in America or to be born Spanish. It's not like I have anything against being Spanish it's just that it doesn't really interest me. Im more interested in Japan, the music, the people, the language and the food everything is great abour Japan (well at least to me it is). I even perfer Japanese boys than spanish ones, one reason because is that most spanish people just care about hugh butt or hugh breast which I think is outragous because if you only care abour the body you'll never really love someone for whats inside, and to me thats what really counts. But then again not all spanish boys are like this is just that the magority of boys are like that. Thats why I wish I was Japanese, I was born with asian eyes which is weird but cool because my family isn't asian or phillipean so no one else but me in my family has these eyes(I feel so special). My family is so different from me which makes me feel like I got switched at birth. But my families cool so I love them even if they dont respect my reasons for Japan. <br />
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    So when I grow up im moving to Japan no questions asked, And and I will live my days there until my life comes to an end hopfully not by someone else's hands. And I am in love with Japanese boys so I pray I will meet one who loves me and then he can take me to Japan. But when you live in New York there are a small population of Japanese boys, which is quite sad. I am preparing myself for the trip there by learning Japanese. I can only understand a few words and make a few sentences which is sad and sadly I have to learn it alone because I teach myself at my house. But gladly im going to take japanese lessons during the summer or so my mom says. Im also going to singing classes as well because I of course can sing and well I dont want my talent to go to waste, I can currently sing in two languages, Japanese and English (Note: I know spanish but I dont really like speaking it so I would prefer not to sing it). You might be thinking, how can she sing japanese if she can barly form a few sentences, well the thing is that I memorize the words even if I dont know what they mean. And then I sing it in front of friends and family but of course they dont understand but my smooth and soft voice is enough for them. <br />
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    Um lets see my birthday is on March 11 and I was born in 1994 so im 15 right now, Im a freshman at my highschool, luckly it's only a few days before summer and I cant wait. Im a Straight A student, If I keep this up then I might hopefully get a scholarship.<br />
    My top Five Animes have to be:<br />
    Ouran High School Host Club<br />
    Code Geass<br />
    Sayonara Zetsurou Sensei<br />
    Chobits<br />
    Luckystar<br />
    All of these Animes interest me either by it's Comedy or Logic, maybe both. I like too write so when I feel like writing I guess I'll make a entry in my Journal if you want you could read it if not thats okay as well.<br />
    <br />
    NICKNAMES:<br />
    If you get tired of writing Kuiiepe all the time (or if your just lazy) then you can call me these nicknames<br />
    -Kuii<br />
    -Epe<br />
    -Angie<br />
    If you would want to nickname me something else then ask me and if I approve then you can call me that name as well.<br />
    <br />
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