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  • Artist Info: i obsessed with drawing and writing and reading and music and wolves and my best driends dannie and lilly...and my phone that im too lazy to get up and charge! i am just learning anime which dannie tought me, i am writing a book right now....i read alot.......if i have a book, im going on a Robert Patterson reading marathon, iv read 2 of his books in the series of Maximum Ride about to get the 3rd and You've Been Warned. right now i am listening to music sooo yohh i LOVE music!!!!!!!!! ever since 3rd grade iv been well first of all amazed and intrigued by wolves, and angry by the assholes who are killing them. First thing im gunna do after i get a doctors degree in college is save wolves! and my phone izz a slide sooo it awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
    <br />
    i crazy BEWARE....tehe
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