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    I'm an Indonesian boy, still a fresh-faced young teen, not much experience of the big bad world yet~ I was born in East Java in a small humble town~ Since then, I've been moving around to many places~ Australia, Philippines, other cities in Indonesia, and even up in Saudi Arabia~ Now I live in Georgia, and hopefully I'll be settling down here in the Alpharetta area~I aspire to be a doctor in the future, and I plan on enrolling in Duke University~ Most people say I have talent in the arts, not specifically in one~ Most say I excel in art, music, and writing~ I love manga, and anime, but not to the point where I'm obsessed with it~ I'm an amateur poet, but I'm not exactly all that great at it~ I'm a guitarist, and I play rock music~ I'm not currently in any band, and I doubt I'll be in one anytime soon~ I also play the violin and viola~ I dabble in Alchemy, but I am soon going to dive headlong into it~ Most say I'm carefree and lighthearted, and I am quite careless and lazy~ However, my friends say when the time is right, I can be quite the serious and mature person~ I'm not exactly the most friendly person in the world, but don't worry~ I don't bite~ <br />
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