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  • Artist Info: Haii, the names Lewpy. Lewpy Von Cakes.This name is inspired by my friend,thanks Pie. Well about me, nobody reads this place but who cares. I hail from the land of Pakistan considered very dangerous now-a-days. It is just sad really to know that your living in a country that is wrongly considered terrorist and dangerous but is filled with warm hearted and peaceful people which the media seem to sideline, so in turn people get the wrong message but I want to say that Pakistan is a friendly nation that wants peace. Most importantly, we do not promote terrorism nor does Islam, Islam does not accept terrorism and never will.<br />
    <br />
    Anyway, I am a tomboyish girl who goes to college. Hm-mm college, i hate it UGH. I love to see,feel and eat food O&gt;O but who doesn't, chh~ right. I play all kinds of games but my all time favorites are Cricket (ROCKS !!),golf and football. I am a gamophilic, i really, really like to play games, Resident evil being my favorite. I favor all consoles really..and when i start i don't stop till my game ends. My hobbies are music (I lurve it x3),politics (LOL, really) and reading books also singing. My idol singer is Hilary Duff, idol leaders are Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Martin Luther King Jr, the idol lady I look up-to is Fatima Jinnah, my grandmother and Lady Diana. Well that just about me, if you want to be my friend or something PM ME. DON'T BE SHY PM ME.<br />
    <br />
    AU REVOIR and finally Good bye .....(^-^)....(/^-^)/
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