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  • Artist Info: Hello. Welcome to my profile. If you must know my name is Callidora, I'm 17 and in grade 11. I live in California, the town exactly you don't need to know, but it's a small, boring town. You could say alot of things about me, good things or bad things, though most people would say I'm a pretty bad bitch. <br />
    I have one little brother named Daven and a older brother named Jake, I live between my parents though. <br />
    Friends are the best thing I have, Stella, Fate, Jamie, P.J and Frankie, they are all amazing. We do the stupidest things together, esp. in the summer when we're not busy doing stupid homework, scratch that, I don't really do my homework. That's how I ended up in the open school.<br />
    I plan to spend the highlight of my life (teenage hood) with my friends, living life to the fullest. <br />
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