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  • Artist Info: Hey my name is ekeoma, friends call me ekay. My closest friends know me as fun, weird, exciting, and mysterious. I see myself as loving, seemingly energetic, and close-hearted to most people. <br />
    I hate people that assume things about from hearing BS 4rm outsiders, if its not coming from me den dnt listen. amd never come up to me saying you dont like me cuz thats a personal problem idc, fuck u and have a nice day razz <br />
    I HATE when i ask someone to come here and they ask why a millions times b4 they come "if u come here ull kno!!" lol. <br />
    I LOVE to perform! I sing, dance, act, and play the oboe! <br />
    I have a tendency to mess with people, so watch out.<br />
    <br />
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