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    Hello. What brings you to my profile? It's rare to have a guest.<br />
    I am the Bee Hive's express deliverer, Jiggy Pepper. My dingo is Harry; a hawk whom specialises in delivering notes to other Bees aswell. My spirit amber is Gunjou; which I do not shoot from my motocycle, but another shindanjuu besides it. ^_^<br />
    I haven't much to say. <br />
    I follow whom I want to and no one else. An example of this is Largo-san.<br />
    The head Bee of Yuusari. I have high respects for him; and also Lag Seeing for his efforts - both from my sister Nelli, and what I've seen in him during his deliveries.<br />
    <br />
    Welll. I have letters to deliver and so on. B}<br />
    Perhaps I'll catch you next time?
    <br />
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