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  • Artist Info: I love waffles, writing, skateboarding, texting, muzik, and being creative. I'm awesum at Guitar Hero. I have the Aerosmith version for my PS3. All my friends that come to my house 'n play can't be my scores. Hahaha! razz <br />
    I dress goth sumtimes, I LOVE BLACK! I'm really country though.<br />
    Other times I dress like a freakin guy. Yeah, a guy. Saggy capris or pants n saggy shirts. <br />
    So I'm really different. I haven't met any girls like me. Goth, country, AND a LiTTLE rock girls just ARENT normal!! But hey, I'm not "normal".<br />
    I want my career to be a poet, dream-studier person, military, or maybe something in government. <br />
    Most people don't like me because I'm weird -different-. But eveyone's different. I guess there's a limit that I didn't n DON'T know about. <br />
    I am a not-so-girly girl with braces. They make me look like a nerd since I'm pretty smart. =] But sumtimes, when I'm hyper or RRREALLY happy... I forget a lot of stuff and I'm mentally slow.<br />
    If I could have any superpower: I'd want the power to make people more understanding, considerate, insightful, and alive.<br />
    I believe: <br />
    -Everyone is equal, life gives us second chances sometimes and we need to use them wisely. <br />
    -Society is wack.<br />
    -It's never too late to chase your dreams.<br />
    I try: to treat everyone the way I think they should be treated and try not to judge.<br />
    I Don't Eat: Pork, crab, catfish, or shrimp.<br />
    I Don't: Like people *as friends* who show-off, act stuck-upp, judge me, or hate on innocent people.<br />
    I Spend Most of My Time: Writing poetry or lyrics, thinking, laying down, texting, eating, orrr doin stuff on the computer.<br />
    States I've Been In: Tennessee, Alabama, Flordia, Georgia, and Kentucky.<br />
    Fears *most I didn't put because they'd make me sound weird*: Ferris Wheels, ants, men in Santa Claus costumes, after life [dying n after], the future,...<br />
    WARNiNG T0 ALL PE0PLE of EARTH [and BEY0ND!!]:: <br />
    I'm the weirdest human you'll ever encounter.
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