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  • Artist Info: My name is Wolfie and I'm madly in love with the most amazing and beautiful girl in the world, Cookie <3 She's my wifey and my everything and my heart is owned by her as she owns mine. Don't even try to take me away from her because there's no one who's more amazing and she's perfect in every way possible >O She has the kindest heart and we've been through everything together. All the good times and all the bad times, all of those have made us stronger and I know our love is true. Someday, I'll be able to propose to her and get on my knees and just pour all of my heart out to tell her that she's the only one for me and that she has no reason to feel lonely anymore because I love her so fucking much and I she's all I have left.

    I love you Cookie, so fucking much, and you know that <3 I promise I'll make you the happiest girl in the world and I won't let anyone harm you >C I'll rip out the throat of anyone who tries to hurt you and I'll slice them with my katana and do flying kicks to their face and send them in a hell world of hurt if they dare to lay a finger on my most precious thing.

    Everything will be ok honey..just you wait..I'll show you that you are perfect and that you have nothing to worry about. I'll be the perfect husband and man in your life and do my best to support our future family ^^ <3


    So yesterday I was texting a friend who also plays Gaia and she was talking about quiting because she lost all her gold from the new Super Prize. I told her that I was going to quit too if I didn't get the Husky OWO. A day before this incident, I gave my pass to my Wifey and asked her to sell all of my things and buy me Happily Ever After apples so I could test my luck with getting the Husky. So after tellin my friend on text that I was going to quit if I didn't have one, she said to me "But you're wearing one O.o". And I was shocked OWO I asked her "Wait, seriously? OWO;" And she was like "Yeah, I'm on Gaia right now O.o;" I instantly knew then that my Wifey was the one who got me it xD But I had no clue how she did OWO At first I thought she opened the Apples that she bought me and got lucky. But later that day, I called her and she told me that she sold everything she had to buy me it. I was so surprised OWO I couldn't believe she would have done that for me especially since I told her that she didn't need to sell anything or help me and that I could do it on my own xD My Christmas sucked ass and the night before she got my Husky, I was pretty depressed. But now this is the best Christmas ever, and it's all thanks to my Wifey <3 The most amazing person in the world who would give anything just to make me happy ^^ And I'd do the same for her of course =3

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