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    heart heart heart heart heart heart <br />
    Well I live In Utah.<br />
    I'm an adult and on gaia.. get over it.<br />
    I am single. <br />
    But that doesnt mean Im here to hook up.<br />
    I know what it feels like to have a broken heart.<br />
    I love music.<br />
    All types of music.<br />
    I also play the piano, guitar and bass.<br />
    Though not well.<br />
    I love to write and read. <br />
    I'd say I'm a pretty fun person to be around.<br />
    But thats opinion based.<br />
    Randomness defines what i'm about.<br />
    My hero is Peter Pan<br />
    4laugh ~Things I like ~ 4laugh <br />
    Old churches,Photography, Nail Polish, Squirrels,<br />
    Starbucks Coffee, Disney Movies, Old Movies, ScaryMovies,<br />
    Chick Flicks, British Comedies, Musicals..<br />
    Just about every genre I suppose..<br />
    Old Tv Shows that air on Nick at Night,<br />
    Old Cartoons like Popeye & Felix The Cat,<br />
    Spongebob Squarepants, Family guy.<br />
    Peaches, Red mangos, Pineapple, Kiwis, Strawberries.<br />
    Rings on my fingers, My Gauges, Tattoos, <br />
    My Pet Rat Flynn<br />
    Theres a lot to me...<br />
    This is a very small piece of what makes up me...<br />
    So if you have any questions or Comments? <br />
    leave them in my comment box and/or PM me!<br />
    heart heart heart heart heart heart
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