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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone! As you might know, this profile is under new management! It is now owned by me, instead of Bee and Riel.<br />
    Much like them, I will not tolerate begging for items, questions of a personal kind from strangers or engagements in any kind of personal relationship with people other than a platonic one.
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    <br />
    I am partial to communicating with others, and will try to lower my shop prices to an acceptable level. Please, privately message me if you wish a redux or a discount of any kind. Also, I may accept item-for-item trades if the items are of equivalent pricing or if I have necessity for them. Note that here is a possibility that I may not accept your proposal.<br />
    <br />
    If you are interested in the art on my profile, please note that it was procured from deviantart and that I do not own it. If you wish to know who the artist is, please either privately message me or reverse-search the image on Google.
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