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  • Artist Info: Im a energitic person with a great personality. Yes i am emo but no im not suicidal(all the time at least). Im fun to be around, i have a great sence of humor and im completely awesome. haha. Anyway my real name is Raeann but people call me Rae or StrawberryShortcake(jessie) because im so sweet 4laugh . I have 3 siblings even tho i dont see any of them much or at all for that matter, my mom is ok step dad sucks balls and i have never met my real dad. I love football and basketball, and my favorite food is...i dont have one but my favorite dessert is stawberry cheesecake heart . I love fun people and i hate real prepy people who think there better than everyone else. I also hate rich snoby people not because their rich but because they treat everyone like dirt because their rich. I haven't really desided my sexuality yet but Im single if any boy or girl is free 4laugh . heehee. I don't know if im "hot" or anything but i would hope im at least cute 4laugh . Um...I think thats all...Oh and I have to dogs and im not alergic to anything. 4laugh .<br />
    <br />
    Ps. Im a ninja so watch your back ninja hahaha
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