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  • Artist Info: Hey i have a group of freinds here were i live and we call ourselves the IC, which means International Crew. Not all of us are american citizans by birth. We all are of different religions, ethic/race backgrounds, and countries.<br />
    We have noticed how here in america there are many places that 'tolerance' and 'coexist' are two of many words that do not exsit. It breaks our hearts that our ancestors were they way they were. Just because our great grandparents started a battle many years ago we don't have to follow their examples. We have the choice, no matter where we live, to do things differently. <br />
    Every time one of our politicians in America says 'world peace' how do we know that they mean all of us in EVRY COUNTRY and of EVERY RELIGION living together on the same Earth. How can we tell if they mean one world religion our not. <br />
    My friends and i that have started this group have had a few fights between us but we can put aside our differences to work together. We have noticed how many of the politicians in the American government can not work together. All they do is talk and they do not do anything that will truly help us all in the future. While we are kids without any collage degrees working together to do a lot more work than they do. <br />
    We have decided to take this problem and put it on the net. We will put this out there and we will do what we do best. <br />
    If you are interested in joining our movement i am going to create a guild on gaia for this. donations are greatly welcomed.<br />
    <br />
    Do you really want to live in a world that is full of nothing but war?<br />
    <br />
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