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  • Artist Info: my name is becca. im a HUGE anime fan ^_^. you have a problem with that then BITE ME! i read and/or watch naruto, pandora hearts, shinobi life, shugo chara, fruits basket, nora, and hana kimi. iv seen every episode of death note, vampire knight, and full metal alchemist. i like games like call of duty 4 (cant wait for 5) and i play left 4 dead (can definitely wait for 2) i enjoy reading the keys to the kingdom series and series of unfortunate events books. im told i can sing quite well and my sister and i are very much artists and both hate to trace. im an animal lover which explains why i have 10 pets. i think three days grace owns i like lady gaga, tatu, enya, celtic woman, and chris dautry. invader zim owns! gir is amazin!!! &lt;3 <br />
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    heres a link to my deviant art gallery if anyone is interested in seeing my drawings http://devilrena.deviantart.com/gallery/<br />
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    I adopted a chibi!<br />
    Name: Zetsu &lt;3<br />
    Loves:plants, Ferngully, playing spy, me, eating people, venus flytraps, live entertainment (and food)<br />
    Dislikes:eating vegetables, Tobi, wood furniture, saw mills, chainsaws, axes, vegetarians<br />
    Owner biggrin evilRena<br />
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