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    Student in NYC. Love to travel and loves experiencing new things.<br />
    I snowboard. Learning to play SC2. Plays L4D.<br />
    Likes yaoi RP's...<br />
    Checks back on gaia often.<br />
    Is into theater, making film, helping out in any of the areas.<br />
    Is good at faces. Is bad at names.<br />
    Is female, you have a problem with that?!<br />
    Wants human pets, or to be a pet. [I'm sorry if I will be a bad master...but torture seems so alluring to me right now -probably could blame it on some RP's i'm currently in]<br />
    Enjoys vampires [not stupid twilight glittery ones, that just defeats the purpose of their alluring dark nature...More along the lines of Lastat, the last vampire. Sensual, seductive, alluring, dark, not to forget attractive]<br />
    I try to be active in life now. The waiting periods in life is very mundane and drives me half mad [makes me think too much..because it is too boring..]<br />
    <br />
    I will get to space one day.<br />
    I'm looking for a definite purpose on why I'm doing the things I do.<br />
    If you get to know me really well...I can be brutally honest..I try to make it a point not to lie to myself nor others anymore...[well except for little white lies to make people feel better those are exceptions.]<br />
    I bring myself up, but I also bring myself down at the same time.<br />
    But I'll try to put my down to the side and focus on the up, no matter how tiring it gets. I'll have nervous breakdowns, where I cry. But....I try not to..it just happens...my body can't keep up...I suppose?<br />
    I wonder where I'll end up...
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