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  • Artist Info: hi , thx for coming to my profile!:cu<br />
    My name is Maggie ng, I am currently in high school and im chinese.<br />
    My birthday is on September 23rd and i like playing volleyball, drawing,<br />
    go surfing on the net, shopping,chatting online, playing games<br />
    snow because they're so pretty, music ,winter, japanese culture,comedy <br />
    book or movie/videos,mochas,family,friends,and a lollipop in <br />
    the afternoon biggrin <br />
    Also sometimes i will chew on ice or stack them <br />
    I Dislike loud noise, agruments because they are sometimes just dumb<br />
    spicy food, hot humid weathers, pointless work,stalkers,haters<br />
    hackers, spammers, copycats, and irresponisble people<br />
    My zodiac is the libra <br />
    my favorite food are sweets, fruits, ice,sushi, onigiri, and green tea <br />
    Thats all i have to say i guess<br />
    - snow924 ^_^
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