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    Well um you can call me cookie.Im really weird and im <br />
    proud of it.Im very dark you can say im emo.Im a really big <br />
    nerd.I still watch sesumy street.Im an artist and i right poetry.<br />
    I like it when ppl notes me. I like to stand out from everyone <br />
    else. I love elmo,big bird,cookie monster and well there my <br />
    favorite's.I love it when ppl look at me and say "Wow she must<br />
    be from Pluto" cuz i get to look bak at them and say "yes but at <br />
    least im not from Uranus" - 3-.Im competently crazy but you'll love<br />
    me any way.I love all my friends and so should you . w . _WELL BYE_<br />
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    <br />
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