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  • Artist Info: hi, my name is amanda, <br />
    im 14 and yes im luvin it <3<br />
    im a major flirt, so if i flirt with you honestly dont suddenly think i like you. i do it with everyone cuz i enjoy it and its something i luv (:<br />
    yes, even tho im a flirt, i get jealous really easily if the guy i like goes around flirting with other girls so please keep that to a minimum. <br />
    i <3 romantic guys just so u kno ^^<br />
    im not goanna change for anyone. <br />
    i love reading romance novels, and i like the whole twilight series but def not obsessed like alot of girls.<br />
    i can be sneaky sometimes, at one point i test everyone, my friends, and my boyfriends to see if your a good person at heart. <br />
    i like making jokes alot, but you should never take them seriously i just joke to have a laugh but dont take my jokes personal.<br />
    no i dont give out personal info so dont bother asking. <br />
    lastly, im always looking for a serious relationship, not one thats just goanna last a week. i wanna find one that will last a long time, with that right guy/<br />
    PM me if anyone want to hang out, i NEVER get tired of hanging out with anyone and if i do ill tell you so no mystery in that. <br />
    love you all (:
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