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  • Artist Info: Yea well My friends call me Angel because My username is †Forgotten_Angel†. :] The story behind my name is actually quite funny lol I'll tell you but yer gonna have to ask <-<. My favorite Gal pal and also sista ish Manda : D. We like long lost sistas or somethign.lol we have the same habbits and we somtiems say the same thing at the same time Its kinda creepy but then again its cool. :] Lol when we feel like being Bros Im Angelo And shes Mark xD My Best friend in teh whole world ish XxDarkRose13xX :]. Shes retarded adn stuff. ;D She can make the most boring things interesting and funny xD We have alot of things in common too. Like Booooysss :]. And much more xD We fight adn stuff but eventually get over it cuz we end up laughing at stuff. My bestriend dude friend ish either Kyle/Drak0/Son/Smugtard and so on OR Neji/Nejo/Peaches They both mofupwn lol I can really be myself around them :] and they wouldnt care how crazy I would get. Well, maybe but who cares >: D. But anyways I didnt put Forgotten_Angel as my gaian name thingy cuz it was taken .so I chose EveryHeart because Its one of my favorite songs By BoA. :] Isnt that dandy? lol I'm a tomboy in real life but I do have a girly side. I usually wear my hair down since It's too short for a ponytail now since I got a new haircut a few weeks ago. I mostly wear Jeans, and a shirt But when its hot I'll wear basketball shorts.lol My favorite anime at the moment is Utawarerumono. Yes It took me forever to prenounce and spell that but its ok I wrote it on my wall to make sure I remember. I'm currently watching Kaze no Stigma. It's amazing. Watch it. lol In my room I have a wall covered in writing. :] Most of the things are random and most of them are anime so if you ever see my wall of writing you might be suprised whats on there lol This is starting to get long xD I have a picture of my writing filled wall its on myspace so if you wanna see it yer gonna have to add me If you wanna know my myspace then PM me or something :] lol. I go to this youth group on Sundays and Wednesdays. Our youth group leader is Mr. and Mrs. Wall. Their awesome/ And all the ppl that go there. We always have fun. But we learn alot too. It's teh summer now adn we barely ahve it anymore since Mrs. Wall and Mr. Wall are outta town or something. I really have no idea. Thats about it when I have more Ideas I'll tellyou later. ;D Laterz!<br />
    <br />
    Oh wait! Also, Please please PLEASE go to Socialvibe.com D: <br />
    Its not a virus,its not like Myspace,its nothing of teh sort.<br />
    Its a place where you help a cause. Everytime you jog in and stuff or post in the forums you get points which like helps your cause even more. Im doing the World Hunger Programme. XxDarkRose13xX Is doing WWF. Alot of my other friends are doing this too. It'll really help if you do this. D: <br />
    <br />
    ALLL Donations or Items are welcome. :]<br />
    <br />
    Im currently working on my new dream avi. Its gonna be less <-< But the most expensive is going to be the Ancient Katana. D:! I know it costs alot thats why even the smallest donations will help. :] <br />
    I'm Gonna keep a donater list so they can always remember that Im thankful. :] If I didnt put you up here then please tell me and I'll put you Immediately.<br />
    <br />
    Donaters:<br />
    Medanite----50,000 <3 [Thank You So Much!]<br />
    XxDarkRose13xX----2,000 [Thanks!]<br />
    grgrgrgrgegegfbghe5654----300,000 [Thank You SO Much!]<br />
    The Red Blood----Bat Clip,40k and items. [Omg,Thankk You!]<br />
    XxKangaroo_KylexX----About 40k [Thaaanks lots : D]<br />
    XxNejoxX---- 1.5k [Thaanks :3]<br />
    Mae Rockafeller - 8,000g and items (Thank You.)<br />
    .Kaida Leandra - Some items.(Thanks You)<br />
    .Olgasm - 100g and items(Thank You)[<br />
    II Mistress Mimi II - 6,000g (Thank You)<br />
    Serafeen - 17 yellow ink, 2 black ink, 14 brown ink, and 24 tickets. (Thank You)<br />
    XxDarkMaster14xX - bugs (Thank You)<br />
    OrangeLadyBug663 - 1k and items (Thank you)<br />
    HitanDei - 14k and items (Thank You)<br />
    Nevelcum - 500g (Thank You)
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