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    **Looking for great songs for my updated playlist.. I've had this one for much too long... Comment the song and the artist of you know any good, original music, preferably with a lack of lyrics***


    Hello all of you stalkers, creepos, and friends alike and welcome to the Jaded Beauty's Profile.

    If you'd like to be all personal, you may call me Senna.

    If you would like to stalk me on my more personal/MULE-ish account, search up the username: Resplendent Jade

    Yes, it is true, I am an avid RPer, of the Advanced to Elite variety, and I do like things like big words and proper grammar because I am one of those intellectual beings who refuses to let her brain rot in idle idiocy.

    I also like literature and reading like an obsessive maniac along with playing video games, fencing, archery, martial art, classic art, music of most genres that are NOT scene//played on the radio 24/7.

    The things I dislike? Well, let's just say you do not want to be among the things I truly loathe and abhor.

    Really, I am quite terrible at talking about myself, so if you truly want to get to know me, I suggest you talk to me. I do not bite unless you give me reason to. I suppose you could call me friendly and open-minded; maybe even enjoyable.

    Thank you for visiting my humble little profile page. Enjoy your stay, and leave a comment or PM if you wish to.

    I absolutely L O V E avatar arts! I pay anywhere from 10k to 80k, plus tips. You can be featured in my signature, "About Me" Section, or my journal!!!

    PS: For those that are challenged in the area of vocabulary, "Jaded" is an adjective [a word that describes] that means 'faded' or 'extremely worn out'. In terms of describing people, it means 'A person that had been hardened by experiences' or simply, 'very tired'.

    I am such a great person... Making people less stupid is a wonderful feeling. Now go off and share your newly "gain-ded" knowledge with the world, and bear it proudly and with honor!! *shoos away*
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