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  • Artist Info: Skaios is a young and naive magician who possesses the Gift - a trait that allows her to use her magic without restraint, whereas the average magician is bounded by the Rules of Magica, a set of rules by which every magician must follow or else suffer the consequences of either pain, misfortune, restriction, insanity, and in some cases, death. <br />
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    Abandoned at the age of 8, Skaios took up performing magic tricks in front of audiences using her Gift to earn enough money to survive on. At the age of 14, she was caught by a sentry in the act of giving life to a pet rock that she later named Erathos, and was forced to go into hiding, constantly attempting to evade the grasp of the Superiors, who were in charge of stealing all of the Gifts from the Chosen Ones. <br />
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    Now she uses her Gift for self-defense and to heal as well as for personal benefit, although the Superiors are still after her, and there are plenty of people out to get her along with them, so she's never safe.
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